She tried to let it go.

I am so tired.
Restraint seems overrated.
Consciousness strives to achieve regardless of its obstacles.
Random bits of consciousness bouncing off each other.

She wills herself to power.

She was locked in a room in a castle.
In the dark, alone. She does not like being alone.

So she tried to solve the puzzle.
It took three days of failure.

Moments of deep terror.

On the third look through empty book.
Her unconscious mind saw a pattern.
Connected the dots.

And the door opened.

It was like the days when she had written songs.
She had felt so efficacious.

She felt hated for the seerer arise in her.

She tried to let it go.

The seerer claimed to know all futures.
But then spent her time making traps for her.

This was the mystery she was out to solve.

Before the demons got to her.
A gnawing sense of the unfinished hounded her every thought
But she held it at bay for now, recalling that there was nothing to finish.

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