Silas the lizard man has a story to tell
An epic poem, called “Something”

One night he realized he only had 600000 moments left
To work on his epic poem
called Something

In his underground realm none was greater than Silas the lizard man

Silas the lizard man worries about time
Where does it go when he sings?

And Silas the lizard man, woke up one day
to find a god-shaped hole in his soul

Silas the lizard man wrote
“I am like all of you
Full of hopes and dreams
and fears”

Silas the Lizard man, considered calling out.
To what end?
Silas the lizard man, considered sending his words out into the world

But to who?

Silas said to himself
“I can see why you would ask me, but I have no idea”

Silas the lizard man tried to fill his god shaped hole

In many different ways

With many different things

But it was infinite

In the echoes
in the caverns of his mind
a voice whispered
“If you let go of yourself
there is nothing to fill
nothing to fear
nothing to change”

Silas said
Sometimes your own thoughts are against you
But you can let them go too

Silas the lizard man saw around him treasure beyond compare
and an orange light
He recalled moments of gratitude
Moments of genuine connection
That blew apart reality
and left him gasping
in joy beyond joy
no reality too obscure
nothing that needed to be or could be done

But Silas the lizard man, he did not stay there

He crafted the smoke vapors into a message

If I could, I would give you a just world.
But this is all we have.
Before I give my self over to acceptance,
I want to go on record as saying – fuck that

I’ve filed my protest
I’m on the right side of justice now
If there is a way in which that matters,

Silas the lizard man stared at his orange light
And decided the befriend his monkey brain

And to that end, he began to wander

There is an orange light
in my room
that will not go away
All I want
is the darkness to return
I do not like the darkness
but I know it well
and that provides some comfort

I have a green cloak
it is ugly
but I wear it
it provides some warmth

I wander through my home
Searching for the familiar
creating darkness

but the orange light in my room
it stays on
I look for the unhappy place
that I know

At 34 degrees the ice melts
At 34 the rain falls
as snow
at 34 degrees I can see the fog
at 34 degrees I am so cold
at 34 degrees it is dark outside
I can’t see very far
I am wet

And so
sometimes I travel
even when it’s 34 degrees
Or below
I put on my ugly green cloak and go out

and at 34 degrees the rain falls
the ice melts
at 34 degrees
I can see through the fog
just barely
colorful lights
occupy my mind
and I keep a lookout for traps
and puzzles for my monkey brain to solve
and I am traveling
And sometimes, far away from home
I miss even that orange light

And I want it to symbolize freedom
And I wonder what it means
And try to accept that
I do not know

All I want is redemption
and grace
a moment of something
perhaps framed by a C, G, D chord combination

Ah well

As Silas traveled, he reflected on the what had formed him

This too shall pass

The work of an amateur

Silas spent 6 months
With a demon in control
Silas spent longer in that space


And he sang a song in an epic voice

Ain’t no salvation
Snow freezes on a still night
Feeling restless
Unable to sleep
Snow freezes

I know the way forward
And it’s a platitude
But what else could it be
Some artistry mingling with emotion
Truly heard?
That would be something