Flesh and blood surrounds flesh and blood

Cryptic words float in the air

Nothing to compare

Seeking transcendence

True independence

What cord should I play?

To symbolize death

And ward off fear

Flesh and blood flesh and blood

The evocative priest

tries to restrain the beast

He gathers his authority

And his robes

to hide his bones

And proclaims “This angst is beneath you”

And mumbles something about poetry

Flesh and blood


Like an old god, almost gone

Fishing without bait

On a frozen, arsenic lake

I wake

Who mourns for the sun

Destined to explode?

In a universe that goes on forever

The dust settles

On her nose

I doze


I’ve got this giant monkey brain and it likes to solve problems

But it can’t solve itself

It can’t solve death so it can’t solve life

But it can make this

I’ve got this giant monkey brain and it likes to solve problems

But it can’t solve itself


I wanna walk like a giant.

A giant of loving kindness

I want to sing my song for the people

and sing my song for me… sing my song for me

Once I was like a mountain, nothing could move me

Now I’m like a leaf in the river, waiting to go to sea

Once I was like captain, steering my destiny (my ship to land)

Now I’m a ghost ship, just happy to be afloat

I wanna walk like a giant

I wanna dance, dance like a giant


I can’t sing a note.

Can’t stay on time

Onstage that moment appears

The downbeat is here will the music come?

Will I pull it off?

Not really

I can’t sing a note can’t stay on time

But I love that moment


All I have is a little song

Some words to try and express

A little artifice


I will no longer aspire to have a preference

But I have a preference here on this stage

Applaud for me. Love me enough to fill whatever I think is empty.

A castle of broken souls cries out in horror. Here we are.

I will get a package in the mail from mysterious alliance that recognizes my authenticity and wants
me to join

My hunger sated the rest of life is but a game

Someone will catch me when I fall

It’s about time I say it’s about time

Applaud for me. My eccentrics are not madness, they are the unspoken poems of the masses.


A light floating in the air

Set against a darkened sky

Rain descends from its lair

A rumble barely sighs

A light, reflected in a cloud

Is it really their?

Illusions break into a shroud

But still they remain

Despite my doubt

Existing just the same

The light flickers but does not die

It seems to show the way

It’s reflection multiplies

Come what may

Debrie from my mind
Dribbles into formless meaning
I don’t know why
Floating darkness being
I don’t know why

I’d follow it if it led anywhere
I don’t know why

The ground beneath me falls apart

I look to the light for a connection

Against the dark, It is only

a reflection

But I love it just the same

Out in the dark one stormy night
I saw a light like no other

And in it’s reflection I saw my hopes and dreams
They were being torn apart at the seams.

It was sitting in the darkened sky
And I thought to myself

If it only guide me to the place I need to be

Oh one darkened night
I did see a light
but it took no heed of my plight
I just sat there all stinkin night
doing nothing to take me home

Instead on this darkened night
You take no heed of my plight
You let me wander and roam
You do not bring me home

Sometimes I don’t know what to do
And so I look to you

But you take no heed of my plight
You god damn stupid light

You reflect nothing but my fear

And in the clouds the light fumbled about
And all my thoughts they tumbled right out

One night I saw a light

It could be to much more you know
It could be so much more to me
If it would only guide me home

All I had left was a pout
And some doubt

And a light


I curate my thoughts for your benefit

I give you my best advice

To what end? I don’t know

Stay hydrated; get enough sleep

Maybe these things matter.

structural causes matter

But if you don’t know yourself

You won’t change nothing

To what end? To what end?

I really do not know

When I tell you Feeling Mortal

is a true masterpiece

And morning dew it blows my mind

Does it matter what you hear?

To what end? To what end? Do I curate my thoughts?

I’ve no clue

When I show you a song
And everything comes out wrong

I don’t mean for you to hear the same notes that I heard

What I want from you,

is to feel what I felt

And so I try to resist the urge
To pile on a list of things you should have heard

My spacesuit of social manners

Protecting my ego

But to what end I don’t know

I curate my thoughts for my own benefit

Asking something in return

What do I really want?

A Shakey voice that’s as real as the day is long

Moments that stand for themself

Honoring the irrationalities

I see you seeing me.

The god in me is honored by

the acknowledgment of the god in you.

Yet still the question remains

To what end indeed?

For even gods have there ends

And even I must say amen

although I am surely condemned

To never again truly depend

on any ability to transcend

I ask my self is this the end?

I do not know I do not know

I really do not know