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My Star Wars Pitch

Kylo, Poe and Han Solo stop off in a seedy bar following rumors about the whereabouts of Luke. As the camera pans the room, the audience sees a variety of bizarre, but strangely familiar alien forms. Without warning, Hans face…

Cohen’s Poetry

I want to think there are better uses for my time than writing confessionals.

One of the things poetry can do is capture a reality so completely that you can begin to understand its multifaceted truth. It can take that reality and redeem it. It can show you something about grace.

Leonard Cohen was a poet before he was a songwriter.

The ninth song on Leonard Cohen’s 1979 live album is “Memories”. Sung to a do-wop track, the music and vocal swells until Cohen croons

I said “won’t you let me see”
I said “won’t you let me see”
Your naked body?”

It is a moment of sublime beauty, helped along by its place in his popular biography.

Rolling Stones Monkey Man

I invite you to listen to the Rolling Stones Monkey Man, and not belabor the words (the mix certainly doesn’t) and instead listen to the guitar riff that snakes through the song (which plays both the roll of both lead…

Psychedelic Pill – Art and Ageing

Neil Young & Crazy Horse have finally released a follow up to 2012’s Americana. As Neil Young has gotten older, the artifice of his songwriting has fallen away. This leads unashamedly clunky to passages like this: I was born in Ontario I was born…

Andy Rooney

Andy Rooney died a few months ago. Today I came across the column of his that made me fall in love with him. I loved that created a solid, entertaining column about his love of wood. I came to his…