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Most of the stuff written before now has been repurposed and refined for inclusion in the book Shambolic Wind Chimes. Some exceptions can be found here.

The bell

There is a bell That signifies freedom It has a crack in it (ya know, so the light can get in). So nobody dares touch it But here’s the thing It may have another good ring in it h/t Franklin’s…

Context collapseĀ 

For context, this was written about YouTube vloggers, but I don’t think that’s all that relevant here. The problem is not lack of context. It is context collapse: an infinite number of contexts collapsing upon one another into that single…

Mr. Rodges: Existence is but an illusion!

Propel propel propel your craft Gently down liquid solution Ecstatically ecstatically ecstatically ecstatically Existence is but an illusion – Fred Rodgers   context? King Friday’s kingly version of “Row Row Row Your Boat”

Cohen’s Poetry

I want to think there are better uses for my time than writing confessionals.

One of the things poetry can do is capture a reality so completely that you can begin to understand its multifaceted truth. It can take that reality and redeem it. It can show you something about grace.

Leonard Cohen was a poet before he was a songwriter.

The ninth song on Leonard Cohen’s 1979 live album is “Memories”. Sung to a do-wop track, the music and vocal swells until Cohen croons

I said “won’t you let me see”
I said “won’t you let me see”
Your naked body?”

It is a moment of sublime beauty, helped along by its place in his popular biography.