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About Leslie K Ernest

My favorite food is avocado.

During Kurt Vonnegut’s last conversation with his alter ego Kilgore Trout he quoted his late friend Saul Steinberg as having said:

“It is very simple: There are two kinds of artists, and one is not superior to the other. But one kind responds to the history of his or her art so far, and the other responds to life itself”

I aspire to the latter. I mention this to offset certain interpretations of this quote:

“I don’t care terribly much about my own opinions. I find my own opinions very tiresome and predictable. I’ve always tried to keep opinions out of my work. That’s why I take so long to write the stuff – so that it goes beneath the opinion, the slogan, the stance.

You know, in a conversation in a bar over a drink, I can dredge up an opinion. I can even dredge up a belief. But I don’t have much conviction in these matters.”

-Leonard Cohen

Struggling with the implications of these sentiments defines my artistic biography. But I don’t let it stop me from trying to make the world better.

Do your questions remain unanswered?