A Dream of Jedi

50 some odd years after the last catastrophic war, both sides have gone underground. The scene opens in the ranks of Watt & Stephenson Ltd. Watt & Stephenson Ltd. is one of the most profitable entity to ever exist.Its headquarters are opulent, and team with agents from both sides. Tensions are high after decades of subterfuge and counter-espionage. Wisecracks about Kevin from accounting being a Sith Lord are no longer met with nervous laughter, or denials.

On a giant indoor basketball court during lunchtime, a window crashes, and an undisguised rebel strides towards through the crowd. Weeks of careful planning pay off as they move past effortlessly past distracted security guards and make a dramatic speech in about sacrifice before being escorted away.
Everyone is silent for a moment.  The whoosh of a lightsaber rings out, promising to usher in the dawn of a new era.
At that precise moment, an unfamiliar, metallic voice sputters out over the speakers:
“Hey everyone, this is Milton. Most of you don’t know me, I am experimental accounting A.I. from the moonshot division. Before you continue down this decision tree, I’d like to highlight some features of the situation that seem most likely to change your mind.”
To those following the light path, Milton recounted the impact of the jobs they had created and the impact of the incredible economic stimulus produced by Watt & Stephenson Ltd. The combination of so much concentrated talent from opposing sides working within the confines of a corporation, each trying to rise in the organization and make space for their allies, had led to a rare combination of dynamic problem solving and big-picture thinking. Nobody was focused on the quarterly profits, but everyone needed the institution to exist and thrive. The result was peaceful economic growth that created opportunities for millions to lead a better life.
To those following the way of the dark side, Milton recalled the tremendous power Watt & Stephenson Ltd wielded. How no government dared to oppose its will. The freedom and agency that every high level member enjoyed. It recalled for them that their proclamations were rightly heralded throughout society as wisdom. Even when opposed, they defined the terms of the debate in ways that no political or religious figure dreamed of. Within the organization, and without, conflicts were resolved through the raw exertion of earned power, and the weak were given no quarter.
When Milton finished, the sense of immediate danger had passed. No more weapons were drawn. The balloon slowly deflated.
Although conflicted, most were relieved that they did not have to use violence and find out which of their co-workers would be on the other side when the final lines were drawn.
In the highest echelons, the wisest on both sides began to consider what channels would need to be opened to negotiate a meaningful cease-fire.It was a faint hope that they could save humanity from this self-inflicted crisis, but it was worth a try.

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