Disclaimers; Non-Canonical Editions and Drafts

Disclaimer: I’m cheating, or at least playing a different game.

I am using distribution channels (Kindle, Nook, Diesel etc…) to push out something that is not quite what people expect from them.*

When I give my book away in the gift economy feel some guilt because I worry that I might be undermining others. Not just those who charge money, but also those who give away their creations as part of a larger plan.

I wrote some words because it brought me happiness to do so. Avoiding Space Madness was the result of those efforts.

I truly believe that grammar is the etiquette of the written word, and poor grammar is the written equivalent of showing up for a formal dinner party dressed like Radagast the Brown. You look incompetent and nobody knows what your doing. More importantly you make things awkward for everyone else (especially those who want to like you).

So before putting it into the world, I edited it to the best of my ability (to my dismay, I am not a very good copyeditor).

There is no marketing plan around giving away the book. I am not engaging in the same dynamics as most other authors.

I am giving away the book to stop myself from continuing to edit it with diminishing returns and diminishing joy. This enables me to have time to write more and bring myself joy.

It is my hope that it brings entertainment to others. It is amazing to think that other people have read my words.

*To highlight this, the book is labeled thusly:

“non-canonical edition disclaimer:

This is a draft. This is only a draft. If this were a real book, all of the sentences would have both subjects and verbs.

If I ever have a publisher or access to a copyeditor, I will publish a canonical edition. Until then, I wrote something approximating a book and put it out for the world to take as much pleasure in it as the world would.

Then I wrote this disclaimer to answer some questions I received about what my intentions were.

I hope it helps.

2 comments for “Disclaimers; Non-Canonical Editions and Drafts

  1. January 16, 2012 at 2:42 am

    Love the blog

  2. Yahz'
    September 10, 2012 at 7:27 pm

    Tell you what, well done anyway. I noticed many errors in the book; mostly typographical, a few places where I thought a word might have been missing or an extra word inserted that confused the sentence. And I would have stopped, I really would have; made a note of it, corrected it, something. But the story was compelling enough that I didn’t. In fact I thought it might have been the author’s chosen method to deliver a clearer picture of the character’s disjointed mind-set. That’s right, I almost thought you did it on purpose, till I found your blog here, then I thought I’d let you know. If you ever read this. Which I can’t be sure you will. Ever. So weighing in here may well be a waste of time. Which should add weight to my statement, because I said it anyway, with no reason to believe you would see it.

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