A short tuft. A flibbertigibbet. A will-o’-the-wisp. A clown

A thought too long for twitter.

This is such a stunningly good line it deserves notice beyond those who want to know if Marie Antoinette is a good film:

1. This is Sofia Coppola’s third film centering on the loneliness of being female and surrounded by a world that knows how to use you but not how to value and understand you” – Roger Ebert


I had another line I wanted to add. Something about how we all take turns playing hero’s and villans for each other, but deep down all we want is that fleeting moment of connectedness … compassion… a hug.

If I could say it well myself I wouldn’t have needed the now-missing quote. But it can be seen as fitting that the quote itself has also floated past. Leaving only a vague and unsatisfying memory.

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