My ego recedes slowly.

This is apparently what I do when I record myself in this way, in this space.

I will try to act with compassion.

The origin story of this site is a novel.

When I wrote it, I was a different person (so were you). I aspired to communicate something about the person I was. I aspired to only exhibit works that were as good as I could make them.

It was the official website of Leslie K Ernest.

Call that, phase I.

Then I entered a dark time. I recorded some sounds. I wrote the words that ended up being revised and collected in Shambolic Wind Chimes.

I called that phase Debris From My Mind, to demonstrate my awareness that I wasn’t making an effort to make things that were entertaining or accessible.

Call that phase II.

I have come to believe that communication is largely a mirage we create to comfort ourselves.

It is a graceful mirage built from what is best about us. Awe-inspiring. Tragic.

If communication is a mirage, what do I put in this space?

Call this, phase III.


E-mail: leslie.k.ernest@gmail.com